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11 Reasons to Stop Drinking Cow's Milk

The dairy industry wants you to believe that cow's milk is keeping your bones strong and your weight down, but it may just be killing you. Here are 11 reasons to stop drinking it.
How Many Do You Know?

9 Pictures on Dating Profiles That Will Make You Swipe Left Instantly

You'll never get a date with pictures like this. There's nothing cute about tiger selfies or photos of you riding an elephant.
9 Horrifying Selfie Photos

If You've Had All These Experiences, You're Truly a Jewish Vegan

Jewish vegans know it's all about veganizing the holidays.
Can You Relate?

Why Is PETA Feeling Victorious? Testing Cosmetics on Animals Is a Dying Practice

PETA's work is paying off, as cosmetics tests on animals have all but ended in the U.S. and most other countries.
How to Shop Compassionately

(VIDEOS) Try These Delicious Vegan Dessert Ideas From PopSugar

Looking for low-guilt dessert options? Next time that you're craving something sweet, check out these vegan recipe videos from PopSugar.
Unicorn Nice Cream, Anyone?

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Pin It! California-Style Heart of Palm Ceviche (Vegan)

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