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Karana's Corner

Design and Wordpress theme customization for site dedicated to the 1964 film "Island of the Blue Dolphins".


Design, photography and theme customization of Wordpress site for Portland hair salon.

"Dot Kill Dot" CD Booklet & Packaging

Art direction, design and photography of CD booklet & packaging for Harvey Mapcase's "Dot Kill Dot".

PETA Latino

User Interface design for the new PETA Latino website.

Logo Slideshow

Slideshow featuring various logos created throughout the years.

True Friends Memorials

Design and build of fundraising website for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Meat is Murder

Design and build of website for "Meat is Murder" video game, which also marked the 30th anniversary of The Smiths' song by the same name

Guide to Going Vegan

Original photography, design and build of website for teens and young adults wanting to go vegan. (Site retired in 2019.)

Social Media Slideshow

Slideshow featuring various social media content.

Coolest Vegan Alive

Designs for 2015 contest website looking for the "coolest vegan alive".(Site retired in 2019.)

Beauty Without Bunnies

Design and build of online resource for ethical beauty products and ethical companies.

Blackfoot Mobile Marine

Design, photography and build of website for east coast mobile marine company.

I, Chicken Email

Design of email promoting virtual reality event.

LTU Brochure

Design of print brochure promoting travel to Germany.

Discover Germany

Design of print advertisement promoting travel to Germany.

Hairodactyl Business Cards

Design of business cards for Portland, OR hair salon.


Harvey Mapcase Commercial

Design, storyboard and animation of commercial promoting Harvey Mapcase's debut album, "Dot Kill Dot".

GNTO Banner

HTML5 animated banner promoting tourism to Germany.

Alps Banner

HTML5 animated banner promoting tourism to the Alps.

AOL Harry Potter Banner

HTML5 animated banner promoting "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" movie on AOL Search.

A Lobster "Tale"

Illustrated and animated this short asking you to go vegan this Valentine's Day.


AOL Search Slideshow

Slideshow featuring illustrations created for the AOL Search holiday-themed windoids.

"A Fish's Life" Comic Book Slideshow

Slideshow showcasing entire PETA's "A Fish's Life" comic book (and see link for full-page pdf version).

Misc Illustrations Slideshow

Slideshow featuring various illustrations created throughout the years.

Egg Replacer Infographic

Infographic showcasing different plant-based egg replacers.


In a career spanning 20 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to work for large organizations such as Gannett, AOL, PETA, and Farm Sanctuary. I'm currently seeking freelance opportunities, so feel free to reach out to me.

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